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  • The Green School hosts international conferences, alone or jointly, to continue to expand international cooperation for energy and the environment.
  • Contents
    • Invites eminent scholars, related experts and researchers from home and abroad for in-depth discussions on energy and environmental technologies and policies
    • Offers students opportunities to interact with experts and their peers by engaging in research presentations and discussions during student sessions
제 4차 AEEPRN 연례회의 사진 제 4차 AEEPRN 연례회의 사진

The 4th AEEPRN Annual Conference

Conferences Green School hosts

2016 Green School - JDI International Conference

4th AEEPRN Annual Conference

  • Theme : Global Responses for Post-2020 Climate Change Regime
  • Date : October, 20th~22nd
  • Venue : Ocean Suites Jeju Hotel, Jeju, Republic of Korea
Session Chair Title Speaker
I. Responses for Climate Change in Asian Countries Yongsung Cho
(Professor, Green School & Department of Food and Resource Economics, Korea University)
Vietnam Policies on Biodiversity Conservation in the Climate Context Truong Quynh Trang
(Government Official, Biodiversity Conservation Agency, VEA, Vietnam)
Renewable Energy Development, Policy and Legal Environment of Mongolia Tovuudorj Purevjav
(Director General, Strategy Policy and Planning Department, Ministry of Energy, Mongolia)
Singapore's Experience in Addressing Climate Change Melissa Low
(Research Associate, NUS ESI)
Discussion: Changmo Sung (Invited Professor, Green School, Korea University)
Sang-Kyu Kam (Professor, Department of Environmental Engineering, Jeju National University)
Tae-Youn Kim (Senior Research Fellow, JDI)
II. Global Responses for Post-2020 Climate Change Regime Jae Seung Lee
(Professor, Green School & Division of International Studies, Korea University)
Promotion Strategies for Establishing a Carbon-Free Island Jin-young Kang
(Associate Research Fellow, JDI)
The Role of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the New Energy Challenges Coming from COP21 Angelo Moreno
(ENEA, Italy)
Way Forward for Solar Century-Energy Turnaround in Japan Mika Ohbayashi
(Director, REI, Japan)
Discussion: Jaekyu Lim (Director, Climate Change Policy Research Group, KEEI)
Pil-seok Kwon (Research Professor, Green School, Korea University)
Sungjin Kim (Research Professor, Green School, Korea University)
III. Energy and Environment Systems in Six Mega-Cities of Korea, China and Japan Gi-Choon Kang
(President, JDI)
Principal Component Analysis(PCA) of Environmental and Energy Indicators on Seoul's Urban Development Tae Yong Jung
(Professor, Graduate School of International Studies, Yonsei University)
The Evolving of Solar PV Energy Policy in China-From Golden Sun Project to Distributed Energy Xin Wang
(Vice Dean, UNEP-Tongji IESD)
Coincidence or Corollary? Similarity and Stability of Carbon Mitigation Responsibility over Six Japanese Large Cities from 1980 to 2000 Kae Murakami
(Researcher, IDEC, Hiroshima University, Japan)
Discussion: Sung Jin Kang (Director, Institute for Sustainable Development/ Professor, Green School & Department of Economics, Korea University)
Seiyong Kim (Professor, Green School & Department of Architecture, Korea University )
Myung-Kyoon Lee (Director, Knowledge Services Department, GGGI)
Discussion. Significance of Transition to Post 2020 Climate Change Regime Kyung Nam Kim
(Invited Professor, Green School, Korea University)
Discussion: Shin-Jong Kim (Invited Professor, Green School, Korea University)
Yoonhee Ha (Invited Professor, Green School, Korea University)
Suil Kang (Expert Advisor, Climate Technology Cooperation Team, Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning)