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Energy Experts Seminar

  • Special lectures by invited speakers from the government, the public sector, national research institutes, the media, and energy businesses
  • Contents
    • Major medium-to-long-term energy-related goals and strategies by high ranking officials
    • Creative economy, start-ups, and the role of and innovation in green climate change in the 21st century
    • Recent issues and future directions by the CEOs of public energy corporations
    • Reasons for oil price fluctuations and forecasts by oil price experts
    • The energy industry status of North Korea and tasks of inter-Korean cooperation
    • Evaluation of the fields of energy and environment by editors and journalists
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2016 Spring Semester

Date Lecture Title & Speaker Note
March 8th

“Climate change and the strategy for new industry of energy ”

- MOON, Jae-Do, Former Second Vice Minister, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

Energy Policy
March 15th

“New climate regime and international response”
- JEONG, Hong-Sang, Deputy Administrator, the Korea Meteorological Administration

Climate Change
March 22nd

“The change of domestic and foreign situation and the direction of medium and long-term energy policy ”
- PARK, Joo-Heon, President, Korea Energy Economics Institute

Energy Policy
March 29th “The role and policy of UNFCCC technology mechanism ”
- SUNG, Chang-Mo, President, Green Technology Center
Future Innovation
April 5th “National strategy toward future energy ”
- JANG, Joo-Ok, Former CEO, Korea East-West Power Co., Ltd
Electrical power technology
April 12th “The actual condition and direction of the exploitation of overseas oil resource ”
- SEO, Moon-Kyu, Former CEO, the Korea National Oil Corporation
Oil development
April 19th “The cooperation plan among Northeast Asian countries ”
- KIM, Hong-Jin, Vice Chancellor, Soon Chun Hyang University
International cooperation
May 3rd “The future of welfare and business strategy for scientists and engineers ”
- CHO, Yul-Rae, Chairman, the Scientists and Engineers Mutual-aid Association
Public welfare
May 10th “The securement of energy technology and strategy of government R&D ”
- HWANG, Jin-Taek, President, Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning
Energy technology
May 17th “Focus on technology commercialization of KOMSCO ”
- KIM, Hwa-Dong, CEO, Korea Minting, Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corp
Future Innovation
May 24th “The management procedure and plan for government budget ”
- HA, Yun-Hee, Special Advisor, National Assembly
Government budget
May 31st “The structure of industrial foundation and its main challenges in South Korea ”
- TOH, Kyung-Hwan, the Assistant Minister, Office of Industrial Creativity and Innovation, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Industrial policy
June 7th “ Past, present and future of energy, and KEPCO ”
- CHO, Hwan-Ik, CEO, Korea Electric Power Corporation(KEPCO)
Electric power policy