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KU-KIST Collaboration

Government-sponsored University-Institute Cooperation Program

Green School was founded to facilitate and foster unique collaborations between Korea University and Korea Institute of Science and Technology. Designated as a specialized graduate school for university and research institute cooperation by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in July 2012, it has been actively taking up future-oriented research projects on policy and technology in the areas of renewable energies and advanced environmental science.

The program was designed to maximize synergy between Korea University and KIST by focusing on three core research areas; clean power generation, sustainable urban environment, and carbon cycle utilization. Project members, comprised of 29 faculty members(21 in technology and 8 in policy) and 40 students(10 in the doctoral program, 29 in the master’s program, and 1 in the master’s/doctoral integrated program), are committed to the development of original technologies and related policy schemes. The group has achieved outstanding results in the first business year, surpassing its goals in various aspects including publications, patents, academic conferences, international cooperation, periodicals, and training of experts.

Through University-Institute Cooperation Program supported by the government, Green School seeks to establish a creative model for collaboration between university and research institute, successfully achieve world-class R&D with convergence of technology and policy, and ultimately contribute to transforming science and technology into a new growth engine for Korean economy.