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Why The Green School?

Cross-Discipline Collaboration

Developing balanced and integrative human resource through collaborations of three disciplines renewable energy, high-tech environment science, and energy & environmental policy

Making the following classes mandatory : Introduction to energy engineering, Introduction to environmental engineering, Energy & environmental policy

에너지 환경정책, 신재생에너지, 첨단환경과학의 각 전공간 연계돼는 설명 이미지 에너지 환경정책, 신재생에너지, 첨단환경과학의 각 전공간 연계돼는 설명 이미지

Outcomes of Policy-Technology Integrative Research

Green Monitor: Bi-annual (Feb. and Aug.) specialized journal on energy and environmental technology and policy as part of the “Education and Research Collaboration Program through Specialized Graduate School”

Published papers in academic journal

Integrative Education of Policy and Technology

Graduate status

As of September 2014, employment (84%), advancement to higher degree programs (17%)

All employment is in energy- and environment-related areas

Employments in various industries including LG Chemical, LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, Korea District Heating Corporation, and Export-Import Bank of Korea

A field trip program

Conducting field trips to venues such as Korea Power Exchange, Korea National Oil Corporation’s storage site, Dangjin Thermoelectric Power Plant, and Gastech Conference

Providing opportunities through field studies to gain experience on the integrative nature of energy and environmental research and to understand the field role of energy and environmental facilities

졸업생 취업 구성비 그래프 이미지. 대기업:43.7%, 연구소:37.5%, 금융:6.3%, 컨설팅:6.3%, 플랜트:6.3%